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I would like to have whiter teeth

Standard teeth whitening procedures are able to reverse the effects of everyday wear and tear caused by the consumption of coloured food and drink. Particularly red wine, tea, and coffee, as well as stains caused by the effects of smoking.

The majority of patients respond very well to teeth whitening and are able to enjoy optimum results. These can last for a long period of time. During the procedure, one of our highly trained dentists will use clinically safe UK approved Hydrogen peroxide or Carbamide peroxide gels to produce that Hollywood glow. After the procedure, teeth can feel slightly sensitive, however, this should subside quickly.

Please speak with any of our dentists or hygienists if you require whitening treatments. We can then explain your options including at home and in chair varieties. Our Club Sparkle members receive discounted whitening treatments also.  An added bonus of having the procedure with us is that you can have your scan taken and sent to the lab in order to make your trays as opposed to having what some of you may describe as ‘that gunky material dentists use’ in your mouth.

We are a Boutique Whitening System and Zoom In chair centre. Whiter teeth can also be accessed through our incredible Smilefast service. There are further details under the heading Smilefast in our drop down menu.

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