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The Journey

All change! The refurbishment took even the staff by surprise and was completed in just over a...


Maggie Andi is delighted to have become a certified Member of the International Seed Nutrition Society. This will open up more doors to the wealth of information her patients will be able to benefit from as they look for natural adjuncts to their various health conditions. The world is now waking up to the noise surrounding this new niche of seed nutrition and it is wonderful to see. Maggie will receive regular newsletters from the society and will publish the content here. For further information on the benefits of seed nutrition, please contact Maggie on and she shall add you on to her educational mailing list.

Fabulous new holistic filling material available here! SPOT THE FILLING CHALLENGE. ‘I can’t see it and I placed it. From £180 and pain free procedure. All of our dentists can place these beautiful fillings.’ Dr Maggie Andi


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