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We are safe, COVID testing our staff weekly and open as usual for you. Please contact 111 if you have a dental emergency out of hours.

We are a holistic dental practice meaning that we have chosen to use this wholesome approach to your care. We focus on incorporating advice on physical, mental , social, spiritual and intellectual wellbeing as well as detox and limiting exposure to toxic materials. We are mercury-free and safely remove amalgam fillings. We also use the safest material, such as ceramics to restore teeth in-house in the majority of cases to reduce the chances of chemical leakage from certain filling materials.

We have teamed up with some superb practitioners in order to achieve this and are proud to be the UKs first dental practice to partner with an outstanding category creating seed nutrition company.

Our affiliated holistic services can be accessed with discounts through our Black Seed Members club, supported by Denplan for an affordable £28.50 per month. However, we have chosen to make the resources available to all to enhance education and awareness. Together we can change the world. Check out the Nutrition and Wellbeing section and let’s help you through 2021.


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Affordable monthly membership from £28.50 per month including dental and hyygienist visits

World renowned Ankylos Dental Implants placed by our award-winning team

We only offer mercury-free options and can build your new tooth whilst you wait with our in house 3D machine, the CEREC Primescan.

We are a SMILEFAST CENTRE and can build your fabulous new smile in under one hour PAIN FREE.

Teeth Whitening: We offer tremendous results from just £399.


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“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”  Maya Angelou

Call: 020 8959 1208

8 Millway, Mill Hill
London NW7 3RE

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