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SmileFast Instant Smile Makeovers

SmileFast is a revolutionary new approach that can give you the smile that you’ve dreamt about having. The treatment is fast, affordable and non-invasive.

What was once an overwhelming and complicated procedure, has now been simplified with the SmileFast technology to help you achieve the smile of your dreams with as little worry and stress as possible. You are only one step away from the huge confidence benefits that your new smile will bring.

The SmileFast technology creates a custom-designed veneer smile makeover for your front 4-6 teeth. This procedure costs between £1500-£2600 and we also have interest free payment plans available.

Benefits of Smilefast:

  • Quick 1 hour fit appointment
  • Affordable in comparison to porcelain veneers and Clear Aligner treatments
  • Pain Free procedure
  • Modern, digitally designed smile so very precise
  • Complete interaction with digital lab so you can help design your smile
  • Very affordable whitening add on. Free in some cases.

Smilefast will benefit people with the following issues:

As an alternative to braces, we can make your gaps impossible to see. We can also build up smaller teeth which will help you smile with renewed confidence.

SmileFast is a great alternative to the well known Cosmetic Bonding and is just as minimally invasive a way to renew your smile.

If you are not keen on the size and shape of your front 4-6 ‘smile teeth’, we can make them look more even and whiter in appearance.

Less invasive Smilefast veneers can be provided as opposed to porcelain veneers or braces to make the teeth look younger, straighter and healthier.

Smilefast is a great way to hide the extensive staining and uneven texture that is often caused by acid erosion.

Smilefast can remove the appearance of unwanted grooves, spots and discoloured lines to make the teeth appear smoother and more aesthetic.

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