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Implants and Extractions



The benefits of having dental implants are:


  • oEnhances chewing ability
  • Improves bite strength
  • Allows you to eat a wider variety of foods
  • Enhances your smile appearance
  • Maintains jawbone structure so that the jawbone does not shrink
  • Avoids the discomfort of removable dentures such as poor fit and denture looseness


The Dental Implant Systems That We Use at Mill Hill Dental Practice is:


Our highly skilled and experienced team have placed thousands of implants between them. We are proud to have been made a referral centre for Dentsply Sirona and can offer a variety of their implants at great prices to our members and referred patients alike.  We can offer bespoke implants too and commonly use Astra Tech implants due to their exceptional quality and guarantee period. Do contact us on 02089591208 and leave us your details should you wish to attend one of our evenings to find out more. Please note that due to the Covid-19 outbreak, these evenings will now take place in late Summer/Autumn 2020.


Manufactured from pure titanium,these implants feature optimal surface topography for bone cells to attach themselves, allowing osseointegration to occur in as little time as six weeks. This allows the Implant to be loaded with a crown and be placed into occlusion much faster than other Implants that require a healing time of up to six months.


Astra Tech implants can be guaranteed for up to 25 years. They have been specially developed to optimize implant stability and reduce the risk of failure. The latest research findings substantially support the fact that these implants have a success rate of over 98%, one of the most premium on the market.




We offer a Same-day Tooth Extraction service by arrangement from 8am-9pm, both to patients registered with the practice and to new patients. We have specialist Practitioners available to offer this service to both new patients and existing ones. We are in fact a referral centre for other dental practices who routinely refer their patients who require urgent complex tooth extractions to our Practice for treatment. The cost of the consultation is included in the extraction cost, so no hidden charges, and if necessary have the tooth removed on the same day.


Our dentists and Specialist Oral Surgeon have the skills and experience in performing complex surgical tooth extractions. We also have the specialist equipment needed to carry out even complex oral surgical procedures in-house. WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING REFERRALS FROM LOCAL PRACTICES AND THOSE FURTHER AFIELD.


Nervous & Anxious Patients


For patients who are particularly anxious, we are happy to offer tooth extraction under Intra-Venous Sedation or laughing-gas Inhalation sedation carried out by our visiting hospital Consultant Anaesthetist Neil Randhawa. This means that you will be put at ease and the treatment will be completely painless for you. To reduce dental injection pain, we also use an incredible technique which results in less or indeed no pain when compared to the slightly dated Wand painless injection system.


At Mill Hill Dental Practice, we are proud to have the lastest in-house Densply Sirona Orthophos XP 2D/3D CBCT scanner. This machine allows us to obtain very accurate high definition cross-sectional images of the surgical site. With regards to wisdom tooth extractions and implants, this machine allows much more accurate treatment planning and very precise surgical assessment.  It can even be used to plan incredible pain free pin point root canal treatments resulting in very little tooth tissue being removed so that patient’s don’t usually need a crown on the tooth afterwards! Bonus!


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