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Dr. Harshil Shah

BDS PgDip (Ortho) PgDip (Resto)

GDC Number: 271140

Harshil is a restorative dentist who believes in patient-centred care to deliver gold-standard results for every treatment journey. Having graduated from the University of Birmingham, Harshil quickly realised his passion lied within the field of aesthetic and restorative aspects of dentistry, and has since completed Diploma degrees in both Orthodontics and Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry.

Harshils consistent passion for development has led him to attend further dental courses led by world-renowned experts, focusing on aesthetic and biomimetic dentistry. This particular field aims to restore teeth back to high quality natural aesthetics and function whilst preserving intact tooth structure, and has allowed him to provide the most up-to-date evidence based dental techniques for every case.

Whilst enjoying all aspects of dentistry, Harshils care focuses on all facets of restorative dentistry, including minimally invasive porcelain and composite veneers, fillings, crowns. Harshil is also a proficient Invisalign provider and enjoys working with each patient to deliver a predictable outcome that brings back confidence in their smiles.

Outside of work, Harshil enjoys travelling and playing sports including football, golf, skiing, bouldering and squash.

Mill Hill Dentist 2023/24 Barnet Price List

Mill Hill Assessment Options

Standard General Exam – £60
Radiographs (intra oral) – £12
S+P – £90
Comprehensive 1 hour full mouth examination inc photos and report – £175

Mill Hill Filling and Simple Cosmetic Options

-Holistic White Fills – single surface – £180
-Two surfaces – £200
– 3+ surfaces – £250
Direct composite onlays – £375
Edge bonding – from £200 per tooth
Diastema (front space) closure – £450
Composite veneers – £375 per tooth
Porcelain veneers – £900 per tooth
ICON treatment – £350 per tooth, discounted if multiple teeth

Mill Hill Restoring Function Options

Crowns- Emax same day £825
Zirconia – £825
Gold – £1100
NPM – £500
Crown removal, assessment – £200
Bridges – £700 per unit
Maryland bridges – £945
Soft occlusal night guard – £175
Full mouth rehabilitation – POA
Diagnostic wax up – POA
Michigan splint – £875

Mill Hill Invisalign Teeth Straightening Options

Invisalign consultation – £50
Digital simulation ‘ClinCheck’ – £175, comes out of final treatment cost 

Invisalign – express – £2000-2750
– lite – £3500-3950
– comprehensive – £4000-4500
Free Whitening and first set of removable retainers following straightening
Additional refinement aligners free of charge where required

Mill Hill Whitening- £450

Mill Hill Root Treatment Options
-RCT – Anterior – £400
– Premolar – £550
– Molar – £650
-Re-RCT – POA: Assessment with Dr Maggie Andi or Specialist Referral if required

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