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Janine Wingate


I qualified as a Dental Hygienist from kings College Hospital London in 1984, where I began my career working part time at the Royal Masonic Hospital in Hammersmith and continued there until it’s closure in 2002. I feel fortunate to have held mainly long term positions and since joining the Mill Hill Dental Practice in 1995 have the pleasure of working as part of a dedicated team to encourage and promote the Holistic health of our patients.

I am now looking forward to working alongside Maggie, our new principle Dentist and the exciting changes that are going to take place, bringing our surgery to a new level.

It has been proven that poor oral hygiene causing a progressed gum inflammation in susceptible patients can impact on our general well being and visa versa; therefore one of the focuses of my treatment is spending time to hone patient techniques in the various plaque removal skills and combined with a thorough mechanical cleaning and polishing restore the mouth back to a healthy level. Each patient is special; for me there is no greater reward then that to improve the condition of anything and bring to birth a greater state of Being …. I include myself in this process and for this opportunity I am extremely grateful.

CPD training is compulsory and most recently I have been on an advanced instrumentation course, later this year I will be learning Teeth Whitening and going on an implant Maintenance Refresher Course.

In my spare time I love cooking, sewing, socialising with close friends, walking in the countryside, dancing and learning all things new.

I have 2 quirky black cats Katy and Dorothy, who bring me much Love and Laughter.

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