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I need a digital check up for £120

At Mill Hill Dental Practice, we pride ourselves on being patient focused. We are a skilled team of experienced dentists, specialists, hygienists and periodontists. Our mantra is prevention over cure and regular checkups are vital to this.

During the digital check-up, a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and the surrounding tissue will be carried out. Where necessary, we will take digital X-rays and intra-oral digital photographs (also provided in our routine check up) to aid our diagnosis but this new assessment for 2022 will capture your entire mouth in full 3D effect using our intra oral scanner the world renowned Cerec Primescan so that you will literally be able to walk around inside your own mouth and see what we see.  This is far superior to the standard clinical charting that most dentists use.  This technology is a great way of creating a digital record for you and can also be emailed to you.  Our practice is multi award winning as we consistently remain ahead of the curve when introducing new technologies and gradually influencing the profession to make them routine. It is our hope that within the next 5 years we would have helped train many dentists and hygienists to become comfortable with daily use of in mouth scanning.  Our practice nurses are also trained to carry out scans for added convenience.

There is no radiation involved and it is useful for all ages. 

Adults fee is £120. Please allow 30 mins for the full assessment. All assessments include a comprehensive oral cancer screen at no additional cost.

Occasionally children may require scans to replace retainers or for assessments for braces. We do not charge children who’s parents are practice members for this. Non member fee is £60 and 20 minutes appointment is required. 

If any treatment is needed we will provide you with our professional diagnosis and discuss with you the various treatment options that are available to you, including costs and time frames. We will never pressure you towards any particular treatment but simply give you all the options for you to decide.

We are also pleased to offer all patients the option to apply for 0% Interest dental finance to spread the cost of your dental treatment.

You may also like to join our Denplan practice membership plan and enjoy the many benefits associated with this. These include regular checkups, hygiene appointments and various treatment discounts.

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