Mrs. Farnaz Bokhari

Practice Manager


Fara joined the Mill Hill Dental Practice in 2020 as a dental practice manager with wealth of
dental knowledge.

Fara is an overseas qualified dentist and a registered Dental therapist and Hygienist. She also
holds Master’s degree in Business Administration. She has been in the dental industry for
over 15 years, and proved her abilities in various similar disciplines. Having her own dental
clinic abroad vitally contributed in her broad experience and vision about clinical dentistry,
dental regulations, and patient care.

As a Manager, Fara strives to deliver a unique patient journey. She is responsible for the
client experience, as well as the operational aspects of running a business. Fara is passionate
about making a positive difference to our patients, whilst delivering exceptional clinical care.

You will often find her in the practice office if you need her.

When Fara is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family.

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Call: 020 8959 1208

8 Millway, Mill Hill
London NW7 3RE

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