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We encourage our patients to join Denplan Essentials so all basic dental care can be budgeted for.

The package includes dental and hygiene appointments and X-rays. Patients who join the plan also qualify for a 10% discount on treatments. Alternatively, you can pay as you go for your appointments.

APPOINTMENTS Private Fee Denplan member
During your first consultation, we will assess and give you a full picture of your dental health and fitness. Allow up to an hour. We check all the different aspects of your mouth health (includes x-rays, taking of medical history, oral cancer screen). £80 Included in annual fee
Dental check-up, typically every 6 months and each patient is given an updated dental health report. Fourteen point check of different aspects of mouth health and discussion of results. £50 Included in annual fee
Hygienist appointment - for plaque control which is the key to your dental health. Assessment of dental hygiene, thorough clean of teeth and gum margins and advice on how to improve homecare routine. £60,
(£90 for long appointment)
Included in annual fee
Appointments for children with a dentist. We have an NHS contract, allowing us to provide treatment for any child or young person up to age 18. Free From 18, young people can benefit from Denplan Essentials while those out of work or students can continue as NHS patients.
TREATMENTS Private Fee Denplan member
Our fees are based on the complexity of the treatment and your choice of materials. We will provide you with an estimate of the cost before treatment begins. On all sums over £250, a 0% finance package is available. Denplan members qualify for a 10% discount on most items. Regular preventive appointments should reduce the need for treatment.
White fillings, made of composite for durability and a natural appearance. Fee depends on size and starts from £70 With 10% discount
Silver amalgam fillings, the traditional type of filling material, highly durable and versatile. Fee depends on size and starts from £70 With 10% discount
Root canal treatment. A complex but worthwhile treatment. Requires two appointments. A diseased tooth can usually be saved by removal of the pulp which is replaced by a root-filling. The tooth will need a crown for additional strength. From £290 With 10% discount
We work closely with a local technician to produce crowns, inlays, veneers and dentures which are natural-looking and durable. Denplan members qualify for a 10% discount on all advanced and cosmetic treatments.
Porcelain crowns. Most suitable for front teeth, durable and natural-looking. From £745 With 10% discount
Porcelain crowns with a metal lining, Porcelain veneers. Highly durable suitable for back and front teeth where strength is important. For transforming discoloured or chipped teeth. From £625 With 10% discount
Porcelain veneers. For transforming discoloured or chipped teeth. From £625 With 10% discount
A bridge, to replace a missing tooth. A porcelain tooth is permanently fixed to a neighbouring tooth. From £745 With 10% discount
Dental implants These are fixed in the jaw and are now the gold standard for the replacement of a missing tooth. The surgical aspect is undertaken by a specialist. The implant is topped with a porcelain crown and this part of the process is overseen by Dr Ross. In the region of £2,500. With 10% discount
Tooth-whitening From £250, depending on your choice of technique. With 10% discount
Dentures They come in different materials and sizes and are made to fit your requirements. £200-£800 depending on the number of teeth and materials. With 10% discount
We will do our best to see both registered and non-registered patients who have a dental emergency during normal surgery hours. Emergency Appointment during surgery hours. £75-£220 One emergency appointment included in annual fee.
Out of hours emergency, only available to registered patients. Please call one of the numbers on the appointment card or answerphone message to organise to see Dr Ross or a local private dentist. There is a call-out charge and you will be advised of the treatment fee once a diagnosis has been made.
Small x-rays Necessary to diagnose a problem. £10 each Included in annual fee
Prescriptions In case of infection. £10 Included in annual fee
Sleep Clench Inhibitor For those who grind or clench their teeth at night. Can help with migraine and headaches. £240 With 10% discount

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